Whether your Ford Transit is your one and only commercial vehicle, or part of a fleet of Commercial Vans, Transit Spares has the spare parts, knowledge and expertise to keep your Ford Transit running smoothly through regular servicing or getting your vehicle back on the road in as short a period as possible.

Transit Spares specialises in supply of New, Reconditioned & Used Ford Transit Spare Parts throughout Australia, shipped fast to your door.

We also offer mechanical services and repairs including:

  • Ford Transit Van mechanical repairs
  • Ford Transit Minor & Major Service
  • Ford Transit Commercial Fleet Service & repairs
  • Ford Transit Clutch Service
  • Ford Transit Air Conditioning Service
  • Ford Transit Engine Reconditioning
  • Ford Transit Engine Management Scanning & Computer Diagnostics
  • Ford Transit Power Steering Service
  • Ford Transit Cylinder Head Repair
  • Ford Transit Automatic Transmission conversion to Full Manual Transmission & repairs
  • Ford Transit Fuel Injection repair
  • Ford Transit Brake Service

Ford Transit Service & Repair

From a general service utilising up to date IDS Diagnostic Tools to ensure optimal performance, through to complete Transit engine fitting, gearbox & clutch flywheel replacement, Transit Spares will complete your service & repairs professionally with your vehicle returned to you as soon as possible.

Whether you are a large fleet commercial van operator through to single vehicle operators our Ford Transit Workshop and team of qualified mechanics can accommodate you.

Many parts can be fitted immediately and for those larger jobs, towing can be arranged  from across town or across the country.

Transit Spares Specialist Workshop

Covering approximately 1525 sq m our Transit Specialist Workshop is equipped with:

  • heavy duty hoists for larger vans
  • Snapon Tools & Scan Tools
  • 50 years of combined Ford Transit mechanical knowledge.

Professional, up-to-date tools and training ensure that the Transit Spares Workshop can complete your service and repairs in a professional, timely fashion.

Ford Transit Conversion: ASM (Auto Shift Manual) to Full Manual Transmissions

Transit Spares are pioneers with 8 years experience in converting your Ford Transit from an Auto Shift Manual to a Full Manual Transmission.

Over time, wear and tear, your Ford Transit automatic transmission may require replacement as individual parts within your Ford Transit gearbox wear out. This can frequently be a costly expense both in time and dollar value due to the number of intricate parts within the Auto Shift Manual Transmission that need to be diagnosed and fixed.

At Transit Spares we can convert your ASM transmission to a full manual gearbox in a timely and professional manner, so that your Ford Transit is back on the road.